One : Retreat

What is it?

One : Retreat is a fully catered and guided weekend away in north Devon with the one you love. It is an MOT for couples who want to stay together for the long term.

Right for you?

It is not suitable for couples in crisis, but it is for couples who have everyday issues and struggles. It is a light-hearted and fun look at how we can enhance our relationships, and to also help equip couples with the tools to navigate themselves through, when crisis does hit. Ultimately it is to prevent relationship breakdown.

It is for couples of all kinds, no matter what stage you are at, or where you are in your relationship. It involves private couple-only space and some group time too. There are 'experts' as part of the weekend to facilitate conversation and they are available throughout the weekend for you.

This is for couples who would not normally go on retreat, and find the world of 'couple therapy' not relevant to them.

find out more

Email for more info. (website to be launched shortly... Watch this space)