Easter at an end :(

I was just reading my friend Deb's blog about her Easter holiday news homehouseinteriors.wordpress.com when it dawned on me that i still haven't taken down my Easter decorations...when is the official end of Easter?! I feel like they've only just gone up, i'm not ready to take them down yet

Other Pickwell news is that its changeover day so we have 5 lovely girls here getting the house ready for the wedding this weekend. Tracey is running this one so the Baker's are off to London on friday after school. Camden market..here we come!

John and Barbara, a gorgeous retired Sussex farmer and his wife who know me from my childhood came to see Pickwell today. As they left they said it was 'mind-boggling' how much work we had done in just 3 years. It is so good to hear that, as we tend to spend time thinking about what we still have to do rather than reflecting on what we have achieved.