When Amity was finished we moved onto Bliss, one of our two largest apartments in the house. Previously, this apartment had green carpet throughout (orange in the lounge) and red floral curtains (but not in a good way). Over time we have gradually replaced bits and pieces but this winter was the time to make the big changes.
We built a new kitchen, loo and shower room into what was just the dark coridoor beforehand,
thus making a whole new room (from the old kitchen and bathroom space) big enough for a kingsize bed (see above).
This is the first bedroom you come to, it has a super-king bed. If ever you are tempted to buy any beds like ours, don't go to 'The Island Furniture company', unless you have a few months before you need the bed and even then give them a date 2 months before you really need it...grrrr.
The textiles in this apartment were made by my extremely talented sister-in-law Lou Baker (
We really love baths here so have tended to make them centre stage in a couple of the rooms. It sits happily on a concrete plinth. Not great for those who may be shy, but makes a great conversation time if one is in the bath and the other relaxing on the bed...or two in the bath...
Even though we put new en-suites into two of the bedrooms we were determined to be true to the size and grandeur of the space and not chop it up with partition walls and coridoors. We think we have achieved this balance well (even if i do say so myself..)
I found the marble wash-stand top at our local auction house on a rickety old coffee table and just knew immediately it would be perfect for this little room.
This is how the second bedroom looked before it had the finished headboard (below). The fabric is 'swallows' by Sanderson and we love it. Made for us by our wonderful Deb at Home house Interiors.
Deb is now working on some linen valences for the beds which should match the curtains and finish the room off perfectly.This room can be configured as a king bed and a single bed or three singles.
The Dutch antique furniture was given to us by Lou's Mum (of textile fame)and has been in her family since before she was born. We are very grateful and think it is a great fit in this big spacious second bedroom.
This is the ensuite in the second bedroom. It also has a lovely big bath with shower over, off on the right hand side. It is very spacious but doesn't seem to take anything away from the rest of the room. We built this bathroom with a curved wall and it looks like it was an original wall as our builders have done such a good job.
This fourth bedroom has the most wonderful 'T' shaped window which looks out onto the front garden and beyond to the sea. It is light all year round and has a really lovely feel.
This is the super-king bed in the same room. There is a single bed/sofa also here if needed for a child.
Our lounge has a step up. This was already in place when we arrived 3 years ago and believe it was built like this so that you can see out of the window at the impressive view. It is a fab living/dining space and,like the fourth bedroom, is south facing so gets the sun for most of the day.The door in the lounge is normally locked off. However, if there were two groups of friends or an extended family sharing both Affinity and Bliss, then the door can be unlocked and you can go between the two.