Sunshine, tea on the beach and an extraordinary find

It was such a gorgeous warm sunny evening last night and Putsborough beach was calling us. We packed up our tea in the picnic basket and hurried down the hill to my most favourite of beaches.

I sat on the warm sand, book and a cup of tea in hand whilst the girls played in the waves, listening to their shreiks of excitement.

It's important to exfoliate when you are 5!

Then the most extraordinary thing happened, there hidden behind a rock on the sand was a baby bunny. He had fallen off the grassy cliffe and could not get back up to his mummy rabbit. The Elliott girls immediately embarked upon trying to catch him. About 45 minutes later we managed to catch it in our beach bag, I could not beleive how fast and squealy such a tiny bunny could be....cute hey!

Molly and Millie-grace release the bunny.

A slow walk home and alot of daudling went on especially from Millie-grace, but atleast it gave me time to look at the view and we all slept well.