sports day and end of term

The kids took part in sports day last week.
I was really impressed because it wasn't all about sport! There were team challenges in all sorts of different forms, so it seemed to give everyone a fair chance at doing well.
Us parents were happily sitting on the bank minding our own business and enjoying all the fun when out of the blue the headmaster announces a fathers race followed by a mothers race. Now they haven't done this for the last few years so this came as a surprise. As Steve was in London I felt I had to represent for the Bakers and Tracey for the Elliotts.
There were quite a few volunteers but i was determined to try to win! Ha! Little did I realise what a mistake I made by encouraging Mrs Lambert to take part (completely forgetting she'd run the half marathon recently in v good time)and well she came first. BUT I DID COME SECOND!!! As for Tracey well, I have no idea. But the important thing to remember was I CAME SECOND. I was most put out when the headmaster announced first place but not second and third. After my little chat with him, i dont think he'll make the same mistake next year :)
I'd love to show you a picture of the finish line but I am not allowed as Mrs Lambert says she looks silly..soooo tempting though!

The kids broke up today so a small bunch of us went to the village park with cakes and squash to mark the last day.
Feeling like we couldn't be bothered to cook we then all went on to the pub! They are doing kids meals for £2.50 at Billy Budds in Croyde at the moment. I even spotted a couple of mum's tucking in for that price!
Needless to say the kids all had a great time and therefore so did us parents.
We had a long goodbye last night with Rich and Tracey, Molly and Millie-Grace who drove off in the camper (we need a name..any suggestions?) to stop overnight in Plymouth ready to catch the ferry at 8am this morning. It was great to feel it was all packed up and that it held a lot more than we thought possible. Steve had a stroke of genius to take our coffee machine and amazingly it fitted perfectly under one of the seats! It will be our little moment of indulgence each day. We had to plan carefully as us Baker's will be flying out in two-and-a-half weeks and we can only take one bag each on the plane. So we had to work out towels, bedding, toys, DVD's, bikes etc, etc. We got there in the end and all i can say is it is lucky our kids are roughly the same age (DVD's and games) and height (bikes) or else this whole thing would have been MUCH harder. As it is, we are all thrilled with everything and we waved goodbye feeling so excited by our next few weeks with our camper.