Summer update

It has been a devastating summer with the death of baby Florie. Susie and Steve after the funeral have flown out to France and have taken the Pickwell Camper around France. We very much hope that they are finding rest, recouperation and comfort as a little family unit at this difficult time. All of our thoughts are with Beth, Sam and the girls too.
At Pickwell we are having a wonderful summer now we are back from France and have met some really gorgeous guests. We arrived back to find the house alive and buzzing with laughter and the sounds of family fun. The tennis court, croquet lawn, terrace and games room have been a hive of activity. Cream teas over the last 2 weeks have been a delight and given us the opportunity to hear peoples holiday stories, where they are from and a little of their love of Devon.

Molly and millie have been wonderful helpers, setting out the tea cups and picking flowers from the garden to make everything look beautiful and welcoming. Well done girls!

Our favourite family activity on a warm summer evening is to pack up our supper and head down to putsborough beach. Vegetable stir fry on the beach with the most amazing view in the world, there is nothing like it.


It has been great being back and reconnecting with our lovely friends and hearing their holiday stories so far. I made everyone try my new found love of French apperitifes; cassis and Rose wine (introduced to us by a lovely french family camping next to us in Vendee). I'm not sure everyone liked it as much as me, Paul said it reminded him of communion wine!

The kids all tucking into sunday roast, yum!

It is lovely being back.