all together again

So the Baker's are back. Its been a tough old second half of the summer but with some beautiful moments which we'll treasure.
While we were away we got a text inviting us to Barracane beach. This is a gorgeous little secluded beach situated between Woolacombe and Morthoe. There is a beach hut there owned by a couple Stacey and Sumith. Sumith is Sri Lankan and so on inheriting the hut from Stacey's parents they decided to try selling true Sri Lankan curry dishes, alongside the ciabatta sandwiches, home-made soup and salads. We had heard about this and so this was our first night to give it a go.
The beach was packed! We found out that this was the last of Sumith's curry nights (they only run from April-1st September when a crane comes and lifts the hut off the beach to a more sheltered location. Apparently it used to be a gorgeous wooden hut but that was washed away by the high tide one winter)
The curry on the beach proved to be so successful that it runs from wednesday - Saturday in season and they also cook 'spicy devil chicken and beef' on a Sunday night which I have heard is absolutely delicious.
The whole experience was just completely surreal. I was sitting on the rock eating food that took me straight back to my honeymoon (guess where we went?!) on a china plate and proper cutlery, drinking wine from a lovely big glass with good friends, watching the sun setting and the children having a great time swimming in the sea.
After this summer and all that it brought, it felt like it was a really special, magical moment in time which needed to be remembered.
As the sun was setting, the moon appeared. What a welcome home.