In praise of October sun

As October draws to a close I wanted to say thank you
for all the amazing sunshine experiences we have had this month.
The kids have swam/surfed in the sea without wetsuits
We have met up with friends and had big BBQ's on the beach (our Sarah just produced these little home-made flags from her bag, unbelievable)
not going home until the sun has set
aware that we are moving towards colder and darker times
and wanting to make the most of every minute.
Zac has loved his new surfboard
and we even got to cycle the Tarka Trail, some of us with our tops off!
We stopped half way for ice-creams and looked out over the estuary.
The sun enabled us to jet wash our camper and snuggle it down for the winter
and jet wash our catering tent and fold it away until spring. (although it looks like Steve did all the work here, it needs to be said that actually Rich did most of the marquee. I bailed out as soon as my jeans got wet).
We had help from our two youngest Pickwellers to sweep up leaves and clear away the rubbish
and we even got to eat lunch outside on my birthday! (as well as cleaning out the chickens and mowing the lawn! I think I'm getting old as i REALLY enjoyed it!)

October has always been my favourite month and now you can see why! x