The 1930's and 'Vintage Goodwood' comes to Georgeham

Last weekend heralded our lovely friend Bobby's 30th birthday. To celebrate this event she hosted a 'Vintage Goodwood' party at one of our village pubs The King's Arms. Jolly spiffing, wot wot! Bobby looked amazing; here she is hitting the champagne early and so getting the party off with a swing.
Very dapper Ben. Sarah gorgeous as ever. Susie fortunately did not have to provide any medical assistance to any guests but may well have made a few pulses race!
There was a super selection of Moustaches on display, although Richard looks like he is sporting a small slug on his top lip.....
and James, I bet that tickles.....the chap behind you can't believe the size of it either.
Fiona where did you get 'Castrol man' is he a Madame Tusaudes wax work?
Go team Magee!

Why hello foxy lady! Deb looked so gorgeous Claire could hardly keep her teeth in.
Angela and Sarah could have been on the front cover of 'The Lady'.
Tally Ho old bean, wot wot! Jolly good show, hope you had a spiffing birthday Bobby. We all had a super time, great tunes, yummy food and marvellous company!