A Vintage Spring Wedding -Fran and Christian. Part 1.

Our first wedding of 2013!
The dress hanging in the bedroom gave the theme away, even if I had not known it before. 

Its lace bodice and train were absolutely gorgeous 

and set the tone for the whole way the weekend was themed.

From Fran's shoes,

to the chair sashes,

the home-made bunting

and the home-made table plan (made by Fran's talented mum, Maria).

These sweet little bags were sourced through Ebay but were customised by Maria with hand sewn lace. 

The children (niece and nephew, Megan and Harri) helped to fill them with mints for the day.

The Card box fitted perfectly with the theme and here again the lace bringing a softness.

The wedding cake was made by the amazing Claire (Christian's sister) and look, even that has a lace design around the top two tiers (and the spring theme round the bottom one).

Claire hand-made every single aspect of these flowers, even down to the tiny balls of the grape hyacinth.

It wasn't just Claire who helped make this wedding so wonderful..this is the Bride's Dad, Paul.

Claire's husband and son found a novel way to hang the bunting in the higher places (*please note for future weddings..we do have a ladder!)

and everyone joined in on the marquee outside.

Paul (Fran's brother-in-law) used his v neat handwriting to create this board explaining what was happening at each stage of the day.

Fran is so organised. This was her list which I took a sneaky pic of...It has all the details of who was allocated what for the breakfast packs in each apartment. Future Brides take note!

They put these lovely jams and conserves (from a local company Brendon Hill Crafts) in the breakfast packs. 

                                    The card case and the table plan were displayed beautifully.

Opposite our Cherub Settle, was this gorgeous scene..

'Sit awhile and give a smile'!

I love these novelty props...

The resulting pictures can be seen in part 2 of this blog. 

Part 2 -The Wedding Day!