50 Things To Do (Part 1)

Since we have come back from holiday we have been excitedly working our way through the wonderful list of '50 Things To Do Before You're 11 3/4' ,which has been produced by the National Trust. We started at Pickwell Manor before venturing further afield.
Number 33 Catch a butterfly in a net
The girls got lost for hours fishing around the flowers... Beautiful!
 Number 19 Swing on a rope swing
 It does help if you've already got one made!
 Number 1 Climb a tree
Number 35 Discover what's in a pond
Number 17 Set up a snail race
 "On your marks...Get set..."
 We're not sure what Millie-grace fed her snail.... It really was a one snail race.
 The undisputed champion
 We also managed to continue the sex education from the end of term:
Child 1 - "Look daddy these snails are cuddling."
Child 2 - "No they're not... they're having the sex!"
 Number 4 - Build a den  
(thanks to Wild About for giving the girls such a great day at Forest School)
Number 41 - Plant it, grow it, eat it
Time for some honesty here.... Steve has done the planting and the growing... but we're doing quite well at the eating. Thanks Steve!