Ryan and Zoe's Wedding: Campervans and moustaches

The weekend of the 11th October was Zoe and Ryan's wedding. Designed to perfection, full of originality, fun and a number of Camper vans! Zoe has a web and design agency in Bristol which enabled her to create this great moustache and lips logo for their wedding. It was a true design feature lacing through the whole day (even on the flip flops).

I love this guest book with a wooden cover and their names cut into it.

I think Zoe gets her creativity from her mum who not only is a poet but also did some amazing flower arranging!
Great job!

The decorating began, little jars of twinkling candles hung in the windows....
More lovely candles;
fabulous friends helping (always great when you have a friend with lovely handwriting like Anna's);
and for the 'piece de resistance' the camper vans!! Ryan imports and sells amazing VW camper vans (see their lovely website) with each of them named and very much loved. So in homage to their camper van passion these little beauties were parked up around the ballroom.
Adorned with little flowery hats by Deryn from Twigs they looked very cute.
Rather cleverly they named each of their tables after one of their camper vans.
Here is Bella in pride of place.....
and Slater for the top table.
Pietro, Zoe's hairdresser came down from Bristol to do the wedding party's hair, here he is working his magic.

Such a beautiful lace dress!
The flowers were amazing, well done Deryn!
She even managed to make the boxes look lovely.
Button holes and corsages.

A little bit of lippy,
a glass of bubbly,
some finishing touches and Zoe was ready and looking truly beautiful. Amazingly after a rather wet and misty start to the morning the sun streamed in through the windows.

The boys too had been getting ready. Ryan being really very tall was trying not to give anyone an inferiority complex.

They went to great lengths, even standing Jordan the best man (to the right of Ryan) on a stool for this photo :-)!
Ready to begin!
You wouldn't believe that 20 minutes earlier it had been raining! The sun came out and we were able to have a last minute venue change from the ballroom to the now sunny Italian garden, hurray!!


The sun continued to Shine!

Ryan and Zoe are real music lovers so knowing that they had some talented friends and family they set up a little jamming area. 

They didn't have to wait long until the music flowed.
Then off to the plateau for some photos with the stunning backdrop of panoramic views out to sea and Lundy Island.

I want one!! 

Back just in time for dinner. Some more beautiful handwriting by Anna!

Hmmm, I wonder how they will do their thank you cards!?!

Lips and moustaches galore!! 
I couldn't resist another camper van shot. 

And so to the speeches.
Jordan had some truly gorgeous photos of Ryan to share with everyone (and a few of Zoe too)!
The cake had the most fantastic ceramic, you guessed it CAMPER VAN on the top with miniature Zoe and Ryans peaking out from inside. Too cute!
The first dance. There was oh so much more dancing to come, with the coolest of bands!
They were so so good!! Zoe and Ryan you are such creative, fun, warm and truly lovely people. We so enjoyed having your wedding here at Pickwell!! Ryan I just have to quickly share your Youtube film. Ryan wanted us to serve 'Ryan Ice Tea' his very own special recipe, so he made me a video. This really made me smile!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Y4IQZ-MuaU