Leanne and Adrian's Wedding- Coral colours and lovely local cheese.

 We thought we would start with this photo as it made us smile and also gives you a flavour of this gorgeous pair. Captured in Fimo and cheese, we can see Leanne and Adrian's fun loving, sport loving and cheese loving characters shining through.

For Leanne and Adrian's wedding I had some rather wonderful help. My Niece, Maddy, came and worked with me as part of her school work experience. Here she is with her mum, Jane. She made a brilliant deputy and, amongst other things, took all the photos and then put this blog post together. Well done Maddy you were brilliant. Keep an eye out for great teenage descriptive words like lush!!

So let us begin.... Leanne's day started off with her hairdresser, who came all the way from Manchester to ensure her hair looked absolutely fabulous for her very special day.

The champagne was cracked open by her two bridesmaids - sister Kerry and best friend Anna.

The four of them (bridesmaids either side, with mum and Leanne in the middle) were most definitely dressed for the occasion, with their wedding roles embroidered in diamontes on the back of their pyjamas.

Whilst all the girls were relaxing and getting ready, Damien (the Best Man) was practising his speech, making sure it was just embarrassing enough.

To make sure none of the groom's men accidentally stabbed themselves with the pin (!), Tracey helped them with their button holes.

They all looked the part in their matching ties, suits......

and even shiny shoes.

Adrian's lovely parents, Una and Fred, both looked gorgeous!

Almost as gorgeous as on their own wedding day! There were delightful wedding pictures of both sets of parents in the hall.

Leanne's mum, Deb,  dressed in gold looked stunning!

The flowers were by Deryn from Twigs

The girls looked incredible in their dresses. I loved the summery feel of the coral colour. Here they are, ready to be photographed by Pete Cox

 Leanne's father, Phil, after a tearful and wonderfully emotional greeting with his beautiful daughter, escorted her to her waiting carriage.

The 'carriage' being Leanne's Uncle Gary's car. Very shiny it was too!

The wedding service was at Georgeham village church, only a few minutes drive away. We snuck a sneak peak at the orders of service as the ushers were heading off with them.

Whilst they were at the service, I took the opportunity to photograph some of their funky decorations.

 Leanne and Adrian are very adventurous and sporty, so out on the sideboard they had pictures of themselves on their adventures. Skiing and cycling are their favourite sports....

oh and surfing too.

Leanne and Adrian arrived back from the church married and most certainly in love.

The boys then had a quick game of croquet on the lawn.....

whilst mini fish and chip canapés, and other yummy things, were served.

Find your seat, dinner is served!

Beautiful white flowers in ceramic jugs were placed in the middle of each table. The Hocks made the room smell lush!

Each place setting was labelled with these cute little stamped stones with each guest's name.

The speeches were brilliant!

Despite the pre speech nerves (we caught this picture of Adrian doing a last minute run through)...

they made guests both laugh.....

and cry. Adrian and the best men both had a real way with words and pictures!

 They had chosen a truly delicious menu.

The ice cream bar for pudding was very popular!

After dinner, Adrian and Leanne snuck off to have some pictures taken around the gardens. Such a gorgeous couple!

They put out these very funny mini photo booths.

Everybody loved them, as you can see.

Cutting their amazing cheese cake was next. Lee, our chef, had put together a selection of local cheese.  Then it was time to clear the floor for the first dance.

It was not long before the evening really got going.

The band, the Mama Stones House Band from South Devon were fab.

The dancing was only briefly interrupted by the eating of the delicious cheese board.

Accompanied by chutney.....

a glass of port....

and a home made pasty.  What could be better?!

Adrian particularly loves his music, so he had put together a real treat for their guests. After The Mama Stones band came a fantastic 'House DJ' with live percussion accompaniment. Brilliant old school lasers too!

After the wedding reception had finished a few of the wedding party gathered for late night drinks in the Affinity apartment. I think Adrian, you are going to have a lot to live up to, if this is the level of foot massaging service Leanne is used to from her dad!?!

Sunday morning started with bacon rolls in 'The Snug', well done bridesmaids et al. A lovely end to a wonderful weekend!

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Adair, we wish you every happiness in your future adventures together. We know there will be many and lots of fun!We have loved getting to know you both and soooo enjoyed hosting your wedding at Pickwell Manor.