Friday Wedding Jobs

Its Friday, which means all the adult Pickwellers down tools from our week jobs and work together on a project. During the wedding season this takes the form of wedding prep- setting up the bar, setting up the ceremony, mowing/strimming the lawns, putting flowers in the rooms, putting out signs, welcoming guests, helping to decorate, putting candles in lanterns...and heaps more. We have lunch together too to go through the day and the coming business things. Friday nights out of wedding times are very special because we all eat together, but as the Bakers are away and the Elliotts are working hard, i will talk more about this next week.

Its a beautiful day here today, the sea and sky are blue and i think its going to be gorgeous for the big day tomorrow...

My friend (and Zac's Godmum) Gemma is having a thrift sale in islington tomorrow which is the real reason we are going to London. Gemma works in PR and has managed to procure a number of very lovely fashion/homeware items to sell. It is all to raise money for her husband's project 'Urban Hope' which is a community project for the youth of Islington. Ben has been doing some amazing stuff over the last 10 years or so and we want to support him and Gemma as much as we can.