We saw the lovely Gemma and spent way too much money on some amazing things! My best buy was a book which was only launched a couple of months ago called 'Supper Club' by Kerstin Rodgers. Before moving to Devon, we had a similar thing once a month at home. we had 12 friends come over once a month for some good food and good discussion. The topics to discuss were pre-agreed and the friends were always the same. Between us we had 16 kids sleeping all over the upstairs, while much wine and lively conversation flowed downstairs.
I have spent all evening reading my new purchase and it has inspired us about hosting more of a commercial enterprise at for thought! One for the next house meeting.

Camden market...aaahhhhh i just love it! Whenever i come to london now i find it hard to talk to people because my senses are so bombarded by wonderful sights and sounds and smells. I just soak it all in. Its only when i go back to the quiet of Devon that i realise how tired i am. Is this why i permanently felt tired in my 10 years in London?
We went to this great cafe where you smell all the different teas and choose which one you like. There were some amazing varieties that we'd never heard of.

The wierdest thing happened in the market. We bumped into my Mum and Dad! They live in Sussex and are staying with my aunt and Uncle in Highgate. We knew they were in London but had no idea they were coming to the market. We had decided not to try to meet up as the market is SO big we'd never find each other. So there you go. Small world.
Zac has just recently become obssessed by skating and scooting on his JD Bug so we took him to the skate park here in Camden. Oh my goodness he loved it and got to see some amazing skaters and bmx riders.

Back to Devon today via a visit to Regents Park to see Mum, Dad, and my auntie and uncle. I haven't heard from Tracey how the wedding went at home but we are thinking of them!