A sunny day in Devon

The boys are now painting round the other side of the house. What a difference it is making, i can't believe it.

I had to go to the beauty salon today as i have a small op on thursday and, having been a nurse for many years, (life before Pickwell, although Tracey still does it)i know the importance of keeping everything looking in shape when you're under anaesthetic! I had to stop the car to take this picture, so i can share the view with you.

I love the devon lanes and particularly this plant which comes out everywhere at this time of year. Aparently it is actually a weed, but it is so pretty and to me speaks of Devon and holidays and sun.
We actually got to have lunch together today on the Terrace which was lovely, a rare treat for a tuesday. We are all very excited as we are soon to be the owners of a campervan which we are going to share, taking it in turns to go through France, for our summer holiday.