Steve turns 40

Our lovely friends who own a beautiful b&b in Croyde cooked all the Bakers an AMAZING breakfast this morning before school as a birthday present for Steve. We took the kids in their pyjamas and had a fantastic hour together.
Deb is an interior designer and Nigel is a great cook so from the surroundings to the food we felt very content by the time we rolled into school.
I have to mention the banana muffins which were delicious and Nigel had got up VERY early to make fresh. We love you for that Nige.

When we came home Rich made us coffee and we all ate more pastry! What a great day. Think Steve is off for a surf later then planning on watching some basketball...a perfect birthday.

Molly, our 7 year old Pickwellian, has lost a tooth, (her third)pulled out by Rich. She is pleased with her loss and keen to share it with her nanny, papa, granny and grandad. So this one is for you!