I (Sus) am in bed recovering from being in hospital yesterday. Everything is fine and i should be back to normal very soon. As it is Friday i have felt pretty guilty watching the others tearing around doing all the jobs. We are expecting our house to be burgeoning by this evening with guests down for half term. Tracey has also completed 2 viewings back to back bless her so she will deserve an extra glass of wine tonight!
Our latest news is that we got Serenity finished in time for half term. We have changed the carpet as well as lots of exciting new things. Here are our first amateur pics:
This shows the bookcase/divider where parents can read at night without disturbing the children and vice versa.
We have built in a sleeping space especially for children. Hidden inside the cupboard doors is a wonderful cabin style, built in bed, and beneath that another bed that can be pulled out at night and tucked away inside the cupboard during the day. We have cut a couple of portholes in so if it is one child they can close the doors and peak out!
The other side from the beds there is a very spacious wardrobe and drawer space, great for putting holiday clothes/luggage/shoes and general beach paraphanalia.
While we were in there we made the decision to re-paint the lounge too! Following the advice of Sarita and Jude (Interior stylist and friends) we went for our trademark blue on a couple of walls and we love it!