Bank Holiday Weekend

There is an annual duck race in Croyde to raise money for nippers (see previous posting)and it takes place on this bank holiday each year. We decided to go down and help not only because Zac is a 'nipper' but also it is Nigel (of breakfast fame) who runs this event. So people pay £1 a duck and choose a number.
There are 400 plastic ducks that take part in each race and this year we raised enough interest to do 14 races! The winner of each race gets £100. Zac loves it because he gets into the stream and helps and Steve loves it because he gets to go round the pubs 'helping' to sell tickets!
I love Croyde at this time of year. It comes alive with people. There was a campervan gathering on Baggy point which was brilliant to watch when they drove past. Every colour and style imaginable was on display.
Today we met up with some friends from sussex. I've known Mandy since we were born and she is here in Devon on holiday with her family. They have a dog and as i am not great with dogs in general, it took a lot of thinking about where we could meet up.
Westwood ho! (the exclaimation mark is actually official, its on the sign and everything) was the solution and when the rain finally stopped, we had a lovely walk there along the miles of sand.
I am going to hand over to Richard and Tracey now for the next week or so but before i go i just have to leave you with this image that we came home to after being out for the night on dad in pants,socks and slippers showing off his muscles...enough said. I have a feeling things may get a bit more high brow in the coming days.