Tracey's first post and a visit to the zoo

I am so nervous and at the same time quite excited about making my first post. Not known for my technical abilities I have found the world of blogging (and if I'm honest facebook too) a bit tricky, well here goes.....

Well we have just had a brilliant family day out at Exmoor Zoo thanks to Molly. We set the Elliott girls the challenge at Christmas of filling a jam jar each with marbles. Each marble is a reward for spontaneous acts of kindness (especially towards sisters), doing helpful jobs, trying new food and all host of brilliant things. Molly has filled her jar at a grand total of 60 marbles and in return got to choose a family treat. Molly is a true animal lover in stark comparison to Rich, who in Millie-grace's words is a 'scardy cat' especially where snakes are concerned.

Although not the most exotic animals 2 of our favourites were 'ickle' the penguin and 'Nigel' the duck savaging pelican.

It did leave us wondering whether Pickwell needs a Peacock???

True to form the Pickwell Girls have been creating and our entire house is covered in blue paint, glitter and PVA. Creating is usually closely followed by a show containing the said created items (penguins are a popular theme). I think they are all having a wonderful half term!