Lovely holiday guests go home and the excited hubub of a wedding begins

We have had such lovely guests at Pickwell this week. It has been so wonderful to see 3 families who have been a number of times before, hear their news and see how much the kids have grown. We have also met some great new families too... It was a blissful scene to see one family BBQ'ing last night on the terrace, glass of wine in hand, amazing aromas, fantastic view, hot evening sunshine whilst the children pottered around the Italian garden playing croquet.

This is the view from my kitchen window, I love watching the children (and grown ups) playing in the holidays, you can't quite make it out in the photo but there are 2 guys playing a very competative game of tennis, a group of boys playing football and 2 little ones scooting up and down the path. It is so wonderful to see the gardens so full of life and fun....

A good sign that everyone has had a good day at the beach, wetsuits galore. One dad said that their kids had spent 5 hours in the sea... they must have proper raisin toes.

We were sorry to say goodbye.... but then our wonderful couple getting married this weekend arrived with parents and bridesmaids and the fun of making and creating began. It has been such a fun atmosphere as everyone worked together, chatting, giggling, hanging alot of bunting whilst Geoff made his amazing goulash for tonights dinner.

As they are a local couple and lovers of the beach and sea a wonderful relaxed beach theme has come through in all their designs.

I'm loving the starfish... the room is looking gorgeous already, can't wait to see what it looks like with the flowers tomorrow, I will keep you posted.

The sun is shining, the terrace is gorgeous and hot and the scene is set for a wonderful wedding weekend and a Devon cream tea to welcome them, yum, yum!!