'Amity' means friendship and we felt this was the perfect name for our cosy little two-person hide-away.
Over the winter we were as busy as ever with building and refurbishing. I will introduce you to a couple of our most recent projects in some of my up-and-coming blog posts. This was the house laundry for the first 2 years and it is hard to remember how it looked now! It has been my favourite project so far as i have been able to break away from the more traditional look of the main house.
The sink sits on pebble tiles to bring in the relaxed beach feel.
We put old bottles, found in the ground, in the window. Thank you to Joel for that inspiration.
There is a wonderful intimate dining space for two under the window. you can look out on the lawn while you eat and chat about the surf.
I put bright turquoise tiles in the kitchen to try to bring some contrast to the Cornforth white (good old F&B) that i had painted everywhere.
The blinds were made from the builders dust sheets (new ones i might add!). I was trying to describe to someone how i wanted the blinds to look when i reached for the dust sheets and said 'just like this'! The rest is history.
The bed is on paletts on the floor. I made sure we had a comfy matress and memory foam topper though so it is very lovely when you get in (aparently!)

The chapel has started its transformation from old dumping ground to an eventual bridal suite. I am as excited about this as I was about this this space for news on that.

Now I have to give a special mention to both Matt Spour and Dominic Blackmore who are both extremely talented interior photographers and friends. They took these shots for us and we are absolutely thrilled with them. Thank you to you both and to Sarita and Jude for all the styling tips. We are eternally grateful x