a new discovery

We had a great time at centre parcs (Longleat for those who are interested) while Tracey did the wedding at home. We go each year with friends who we met because we all were pregnant at the same time. So one thing we all have in common is our 8 year olds. At the mum's lunch we were asking ourselves the question 'how do we raise our kids to be confident in who they are'? The short term result was a rewards ceremony for each child to celebrate something they did at centre parcs this year. Looking at this photo, i wonder whether we over-egged the pudding?
We came home with one of the families who wanted to extend their holiday with a few days at Pickwell. They asked to take Steve and I out for dinner locally. We went to 'Mortehoe Shellfish' and well, what a brilliant find! As Tracey said, it is a family business and the family are one of the original 4 families who were the community of mortehoe many, many years ago. The brother is the fisherman, the mum is the cook, and the daughter was serving us in their lounge/restaurant. It was perfect.
From tripping through the sliding doors of the conservatory to the mismatched vinyl tablecloths,it felt relaxed and homely, despite it being quite busy with customers. I think there may have been 20 people there. On each place there is a sheet of paper which gives the story of the family and the history of Mortehoe. I do love stories so i brought it home.
It was only when i had just swallowed my last mouthful that i remembered the blog and it was too late to get a photo of my delicious seafood platter! So i will try to remember what was in it - lobster, crab, prawns (3 different types)and sea bass. It all tasted really fresh and it was cooked perfectly. This was just a 'mini platter' so i wonder what they put in a big one? I skipped desert, went for a baileys coffee to finish and my night was complete. The whole experience was really worth doing. Our friends are proper food snobs and they loved it! The restaurant is only open from may-september and the opening days and hours do need to be checked as it can vary.