A lovely photographer and her wonderful photos of a Pickwell May wedding

The most wonderful link to one of our favourite photographers blog came through to me and I wanted to share it with you as she has posted the photos from a completely gorgeous Pickwell May wedding and I thought you might like to check them out http://www.rebeccaroundhill.co.uk/blog/category/pickwell-manor/

Catharine and Steve's wedding was so lovely, they are such a wonderful couple and have a really super family. The photographs really captured them and how fun, moving, magical, adoring, beautiful, inclusive of children the wedding was, how true it was to them as a couple and a real celebration of love and family.

On a more personal note...Millie- grace's plaster came off today, hurray!! Although her arm is now feeling very weird and she has nursed it all afternoon not wanting to move it too much, poor Millie.

Mr and Mrs Baker have gone out for dinner with some lovely friends they have got staying to a family run seafood restaurant in Morthoe that we have all been meaning to go to. At 'Morthoe Shellfish' we have heard that the son/husband catches the fish / shellfish which the mum then cooks and serves in her lounge, so basically you go for dinner in their lounge. Supposed to be great food. This may however be a Devon rumour, so am hoping for some Baker details, Mrs Baker always can be relied upon for a great story!