Sam and Ted's wedding

So this weekend was utter madness. Sam and Ted got married here on saturday in coastal fog and Steve ran a full marathan on sunday in 26' heat. Why oh why couldn't it have been the other way around?! Just as well Sam and Ted had a wonderful time and Steve didn't die and made it round in 5hrs and 10 minutes, despite getting cramp. A lot.

So, we got to know Sam and Ted because just after we moved we had a garage sale here and they came along. They live monday-thursday in London and the rest of the time in north devon. They commute every week! They always show up with lots of energy and always on the phone..they work hard but play hard too. They are creative, work as a team and are very much in love.
This is our Snug with the tables laid up and ready for brunch, cooked by our caterers, for everyone fresh off the beach. The driftwood flower sculpture in the background was made by Ted.
This is Kelly one of our two recommended florists. She is brilliant. She came on friday and worked all day putting together the flowers. She always listens to what people want and the results are amazing.
The 'mum's' put together the fireplace decs. Lots of moss and candles and sparkly fairy lights and hydrangeas (sp?!)
Together with the trees (made of sparkly white sticks and giant white feathers with a muslin base)they made a magical ballroom come alive. It felt very 'narnia' and i loved it.
Sam and Ted really wanted a relaxed 'fete' type feel to their weekend. They opted for a delicious bbq and we were hoping to have the whole day outside - from the ceremony to the evening, including dining on the Terrace.
When the fog refused to clear, we decided to bring everything in, but because the house looked and felt so inviting and magical, the fog only seemed to add to that feeling. We gave the tables an informal feel as there was no table plan or set seating.
This is Ted's dad. I think i might love him.
Sam's sister Rachel came down the aisle first with her gorgeous son and Georgina Ted's neice. I adore Rachel's hat. Sam wore a Jenny Packham dress with a low slung back and looked stunning.
There were 18 children invited to the wedding and they were sent an invitation of their own which gave details of face painting, DVD's and bouncy castle and special packed lunches all just for them. Yes, there is always one...this is one of the Dad's! Our friend Matilda stepped up to do this as she is a fab face painter and is always sat in a tent somewhere doing it for the school!
Once again i missed the main bbq course..but did get the meringue and fruit pudding.. all home made of course and all completely delicious.
Many of our wedding breakfast's here are followed by coffee and Lee makes the most amazing devon fudge. Always goes down a treat.
Sam was going to make the wedding cake but ran out of time...a lovely friend had caught wind of this and surprised Sam with this cake as a gift...sweet.
Sam and Ted learnt the dirty dancing dance as their first dance. However, they didn't really have time to practice much so it worked even better than i had expected because half of it was spot on and half of it was hilariously improvised. The atmosphere the whole day was warm, light-hearted and fun and this first dance seemed to demonstrate just that.
A happy couple having a moment to themselves...that is until i came along..CONGRATULATIONS Mr and Mrs H-S!

I will write about Steve's run tomorrow x