Strange animal happenings

On Sunday we had some friends round for lunch. We were just tucking into our sunday roast when we heard a pager go off. Fiona is a coastguard and this year her pager has only gone off three times. We happen to have been with her for the last two! We started to wonder about this 'coincidence' as she ran out the door shouting she'd try to be back later for pudding..

Well, the story goes that a cow had got scared by some music, at a local festival here, and ran through our friends garden and straight off the cliff into the sea. It dropped 15ft and started paddling madly out to sea. Aparently it went as far as half a mile, passing surfers along the way. It took a while for Fiona and her team to coax out the fightened thing and unbelievably it survived with not even a broken leg. The story even made the daily mail (which obviously someone else informed me of) You can read it here: I was just telling Steve's 73 year old mum this story, and when i got to the end, she looked devasted. All she could say was 'poor cow' and for some silly and childish reason i have been giggling ever since.

So that was sunday. Today, Tracey races into my house and asks me to follow her as she has something to show me. Our two girl rabbits have miraculously given birth to a bunch of gorgeous little baby rabbits, and we just thought they were having a hug.
This is the mum and
Heidi had pulled out lots of her fur over the last week and we were thinking she might be a bit stressed when no! Lo and behold, she was about to give birth! She was preparing the nest with her fur. We have been told not to touch them or she will eat them (surely, surely not) so we have been careful to just peer in occasionally. It does explain why she has been growling at us everytime we went near. She is suddenly much more chilled.
This is a pic of our babies three days after the first picture i took, you can actually see them here! Anyone want one? or 6? Help!