Today we went to meet a friend of Steve's Mums who is staying at the Watersmeet Hotel in Woolacombe. He very kindly bought us lunch and we had a lovely rare opportunity to get Steve out of the office!
The food itself was ok, the service was ok, but really its the view that i loved. I know studies have shown that looking at the sea can instantly relieve stress levels and,looking at the sea that close, i can say i did feel a bit refreshed!

Now this weekend is my last wedding before the summer. Sam and Ted live half the week in London and half the week in devon. Sam works for Mary McCartney and has been so busy getting a massive exhibition ready (showcasing Linda McCarney's photography she has barely had time to realise that she is getting married in 2 days. Bless her.
So they landed today and have already started transforming the ballroom into a magical white space of muslin and fairy lights and trees. I am so excited by their creativity and will show some more pics after the event, but here are a few to give you a glimpse of what is to come.
Ted is a brilliant photographer so has all sorts of props and ideas for decorating the space. He was in covent garden at 6am choosing the flowers and the sparkly sticks and he was in Devon up a ladder making 'trees' by 7pm!
Much of the family pitched in too and with the help of some dance music we were jigging around and getting a bit excited about saturday. Note to self *dont peak too soon* (i need all my energy).