Summer solstice

Last night Zac, Liza and I and Steve's mum (Steve was still in London) went to visit some dear friends, Matt and Lou. This is their home. They are a source of great inspiration for us at Pickwell, just by their philosophy of life. I think we can learn so much through the simplicity of their lifestyle. They live in the Yurt all year round and bath outdoors in water from a stream which is heated by a fire underneath. They eat and drink mostly from things they have found in the hedgerow or grow themselves. Everytime i see them i come back feeling slighter lighter...
When we arrived we found Lou in the garden picking raspberry's. The kids ran in to help and we found all sorts of brilliant things growing.
Gooseberries, blackcurrants, squash, beans, peas, garlic, onions even goji berries. Lou had us eating chick weed. She even had Zac eating all this stuff that if you put on a plate he would never eat in a million years!
We ventured up to the Yurt, laden with fruit, and found a sign in the ground as we approached..
It was a welcome and an explaination of what happens at summer solstice.
The kids had a great time playing on the swings
and we had a great time drinking wine out of jam jars..yes i know what it looks like...
We all wittled sticks so we could toast marshmallows and Lou had us playing some great games..
When we came back down to the car Lou had left me a gift of a garlic bulb on the windscreen!
For most of the journey home we followed a hare who was running for its life! You can just about see it in this pic..
Thank you Matt and Lou, we had a lovely time x