Baby rabbits, clearing out, another super wedding and sandcastles

Our action packed weekend started with me and the girls trauling the internet to work out when we can cuddle the new baby rabbits without causing the mummy rabbit to reject them. A clear plan came to light: washing hands, cuddling the mummy rabbit, handling the bedding and then then after all of that you can cuddle the babies (to stop us from transfering our scent). So the girls embarked upon their first baby bunny cuddle and this scent reducing regime has now become 'the law', Molly in particular loves there to be some rules and then makes everyone adhere to them with great diligence.

How cute!

Their eyes haven't quite opened yet.

Early saturday morning we then set about clearing our back roof area to make way for a secluded seating area outside our lounge french doors. As we moved the huge wood and rubble pile left over from house renovations 3 toads and a clutch of very ransid eggs were revealed.

This is our new found toad family. Just out of the picture is a clutch of 8 eggs. The chickens often sneak about and lay their eggs in all sorts of weird places, I haven't been able to bring myself to move them yet incase they explode on contact, grim!

This weekend has also been Laura and Carl's wedding. It has been a really magical wedding weekend full of beautiful flowers, fun, relaxation, walks, surfing, lots of croquet,friendship, family and super food. Highlights have been a cream tea on the terrace after the ceremony (in Lee and Kris's beautiful mismatched vintage tea set, I so wish I had taken a photo), Carl's beautiful and emotional speech and the fun of the Kalea in the evening. I forgot to take very many photographs but this is the rose arbour all set up for the otside ceremony as it was glorious sunshine all weekend. Happy days!

Today after I had waved good bye to Laura and Carl and their cling film wrapped and shaving foamed car, Rich me and the girls headed down in beautiful sunshine to Woolacombe to meet with Paul, Emma, Gracie and Theo to....

check out the National sand castle competition in aid of North Devon Hospice (where I work 2 days a week as a specialist nurse). Here are some of our favourites.