Our weekend away

Last weekend while the Elliotts were finding toads, running a wedding and looking at sand sculptures, us Bakers went away in the new van!! We decided to take it on a test run pre France, so we went all the way to...Ruda campsite in sunny Croyde (about 2 miles away)!
What a brilliant weekend. Apart from the emergency cycle ride to get some bottled water from a mate's house (we didn't realise there was drinking water in a tap 2m from our van) and the slight lack of remembering to open the toilet valve (it was amusing to see Steve foraging around at midnight with a headtorch and kitchen roll) we were fine. It looks here like Steve was just recalling the experience...
We chilled out after a busy couple of weeks, the kids went scooting and climbing, we met up with good friends for lunch (just moved down, our third set of Pickwell fiends to come and share our crazy wonderful life)
Zac had his hair cut, alfresco stylie
we cycled to our friend's for a wonderful BBQ
celebrated Charlie's 11th birthday
and Liza and Zac learnt to ride the 'Indo board' which is meant to help you be a good surfer/skater apparently.
On Sunday we were very grateful to some lovely friends who took the kids off for a walk so we could pack everything up to come all the way home. Can you spot them in the picture?!
Then, parking the van on Baggy Point we went to a lovely newish tea room run by some friends we know through school. With love and care and much hard work they have turned what was really an overgrown and mess of a walled garden into this...
As part of the funding they had to involve 100 local families/residents to be involved in the project by owning an allotment and keeping it going. I know it has been a real blessing to some friends
Although we had the best time and the most amazing weather, we did feel ok about going home. It does mean that at least now we know we can survive France even if we do forget the toilet flap.