Beach Chic

Beach life is fairly fascinating. I love people watching, but also tent and wind break spotting (i don't surf, unlike my husband and children!). Even though every family or group is different, we all seem to have the same things in the same design.
I have been on the look-out for different kinds of designs and some semblance of individuality.
These were Liza's favourites. A cow and spotty animal??
I love this one for a big group. Easily spotted if you are looking to meet up with friends.
Purple flowers..
or stripes...
This has a 'Cath Kidston' vibe to it and has to be my favourite tent find of the day...however...
nothing can compare to a beach-hut! (we do all look normal in real life, i'm not sure what happened on this occasion)
We celebrated Becky's birthday (Becky lived with us at Pickwell for the winter) recently by hiring out a beach-hut on Saunton beach. Just as well as it poured with rain.
The darkness and the rain just made the beach-hut even more cosy. Jo and Trev had made a gorgeous lemon meringue sponge birthday cake. (that doesn't sound right, may need to check that. It was definately lemony though)
When i met up with Tracey by the car ready to go, we had our usual bags packed with our usual evening beach items (lanterns, blankets, hot water bottles, flask of tea, cadburys cream eggs etc) but Tracey was also holding a picnic basket. On enquiring as to what was inside, she replied "oh its just the baby rabbits, i thought we could all sit with one on our knee". In my search for individuality I think the beach-hut filled with cake, rabbits and hood wearing devonites definately qualifies.
As a result of my findings I am also taking a leaf out of my friend Sarah's book and making my own wind-break. Here I am enjoying the help of a few friends to help me to do it! I always get these high-falutin' ideas and then always seem to get it wrong. Cakes and sewing are just a general disaster. Nevermind. as long as I get it done by the end of the summer that'll do nicely x