Holiday Guests

I don't know how we manage it, but these days we seem to have a continual stream of gorgeous people coming through on holiday.
The weather has been so good here that we ate our cream tea, with the guests, on the Terrace in blazing sunshine.
Most days have followed a pattern of all the children playing together in the morning...then out with their own families to the beach...and then meeting up and playing until 10.30pm at night, as the evenings have been so warm.
A group of the girls all came to me one day and asked if they could completely re-design the games room! I heard their plan and then together we began moving things around to how they wanted it.
They did a fab job, including the creation of a comments and suggestions box for our future games room which will be relocated within the grounds this winter. Thank you to Maddie, Izzy, Tilly, Grace, Trinity, Liza, Loulou, and Grace.
The rabbits have gone down a storm this summer. They have been given so much love they are really tame. Our rabbits have just produced another batch...we weren't quite quick enough at separating them, and had no idea they bred so quickly. NOW i know where the expression comes from!
Zac has been supervising the wittling of sticks (with parental permission of course)and the boys have had a great time peeling off all the bark and making a proper weapon to take back to London...! Really hope they dont get stopped on their way home.
As evening falls the children all gather together again which means the parents can relax, read a book or enjoy a barbeque in the garden. One evening I went to find Zac, as he had been playing 'IT' in the woods, when i found these lovely people..
It does generally follow that if the kids are happy then the parents are happy, right?! These guys seemed particularly happy when i found them having a barbeque next to the bog garden..
This is our 'bog garden', it was built as a memorial to the last owners' wife. It is quite something with its giant stones imbedded into the ground. There is a decking area nearby which we have designated as one bbq area. You get to it by following a path through the woods.
A couple of the girls dropped something onto our kitchen table before they left... It was quite sad to say goodbye on Friday! x