Matt and Jess are married

Creativity flowed in abundance at the wedding of Matt and Jess. For this wedding, I am going to let the pictures do the talking...
Jess asked her 10 yr old sort-of niece Ruby to make something to welcome everyone to the apartments...this is what she came up with. Two peg dolls of the bride and groom with a matching beautiful hand-made card welcoming everyone.
A cousin was asked to design the invitation, so he hand drew this picture and screen printed every card. Even the map to the venue was hand drawn. The image of the two figures walking on the sand followed through to all the letter-heads (one in each apartment) and the head of the menu cards.
Jess and Matt had saved up corks from special times through their lives and they formed the base of all the name places. What a fantastic idea!
They had collected quotes about love and marriage from close friends and family and displayed them in frames..
This was my personal favourite.
A sweet station...yum.
They bought an old battered suitcase filled with props and a lovely big Polaroid camera. Guests were invited to take a picture, using the props, then stick it in the book with a message.
There were gorgeous over-sized candle lanterns adorning each window-sill.
The Entrance Hall came alive with colour. The table plan was beautifully made and displayed on our sideboard in front of our mirror.
Matt spent two days making chutneys and jams as a favour for each guest. They were topped off with gorgeous fabric and really added to the overall look of the tables.
Taa daaaa!
The bouquet was an array of colour. Thanks to our local florist Derryn, from 'Twigs' in Barnstaple, for the flowers.
The menu cards (btw, the food went down a treat!)
Another great idea was this amazing photo of Matt and Jess mounted on card and guests were invited to sign messages around the outside.
Speeches were conducted from the gallery on the stairs as the sky was grey and drizzling. It made for a warm and intimate atmosphere for this very personal part of the day. My favourite moment was when Matt said that there were 'still people he'd like to spank' (as opposed to 'thank' obviously)
The wedding cake was made entirely of cheese and decorated by our catering team..gorgeous.
'The funky buddha' band played and there was a wonderful atmosphere as guests enjoyed canapes and drinks inside.
The band played into the evening. Jess' grandmother Mary loved taking photos during the evening on her digital camera and i found her having hysterics with Jess' other grandparents, Gene and Rob, over some of the pictures.
These amazing Grandparents danced for nearly the whole night. I couldn't take my eyes off them and i have enormous respect for their energy levels!I'm not sure i could have kept going as long as they did. Thank you Gene and Rob for making my night.
The cake was cut and came back beautifully displayed and labelled for guests to eat in the evening.
The dance floor was full all night. Everyone had a great time, but none more so than Gene and Rob and Matt and Mary. What a fabulous weekend. Congratulations Matt and Jess x