pirate day

It has been Year 3 and 4's pirate day this week. With great excitement the children put together their outfits for a day of pirate craft and raft making. They do such lovely things at school.
Great to see Keith, and baby Will, entering into the spirit. We can always count on Keith!

Rich went into school for the afternoon to help with raft making (the children designed their own rafts with the plan to have a grand raft race on Thursday). Molly found Rich a pirate hat and armed with some truly awful pirate jokes Rich trotted off to school. His favourite joke was 'What did the pirate say when he got his wooden leg stuck in the freezer?......shiver me timbers'.......aghhhh...groan!!!!! He really enjoyed helping the kids despite the third degree burns he acquired from operating the glue gun.

After school Molly and I then hit the beach for some mother/daughter bonding and body boarding.

How amazing is this sunshine!!!

We then had a picnic on the beech and watched the surfers.

A truly gorgeous evening!