A party to remember

So, I decided to celebrate my birthday on Saturday night, about 2 weeks after my actual birthday, as half term was not a good time to get everyone together. We hired out Putsborough beach cafe for the night and oh, what a night.
We put candle lanterns on the steps to come down, the floodlights lit up the sea, beautiful music was coming out of both the inside and outside speakers, you could see Woolacombe all lit up in the distance. Magical. It reminded me of Cafe Del Mar in Ibiza (yes i did go once when i was 18, that's a WHOLE other story and a WHOLE different blog!).
We went down early in the evening to set up the bunting, the decks, the candles and the drinks.
Steve very kindly agreed to DJ and we'd spent a wonderful hour in the day going through the play list and hunting out some treasured memories on vinyl.
We spent the first hour chatting, telling stories, loving the view and appreciating how great we all look when we're not in jeans and hoody's!
The coloured lights and candles and ambient music all felt lush. It was exactly what i had imagined, actually no, it was better. Surrounded by most of my very special mates, it was perfect.
Tony runs the cafe and as a complete surprise handed Tracey a cake to give to me... yes you are seeing correctly. It was a pair of boobs in a glittery purple bra. Turns out Tony won it in a competition in the Kings Arms pub the other night, it was 'guess the weight of the cake'! So, stick a couple of candles in the nipples and hey presto! Sus has a cake!
As the lights went out and the volume of the music went up, so the dancing kicked off. We had to be careful with certain dance moves not to keep hitting the buckets hanging above our heads!
No party would be complete with Mrs P. I think she was going for the biggest bucket count...
By the end of the night, things were getting a little silly.

This was Tony's 8th event in the cafe in the evening. I think he is just starting to market it now. I cannot recommend a better place to have an event.

Buckets + Tony + postcards + great music + sea + great mates = magic.