Surf Mamas

So I have joined a group of us mums from Georgeham school, who have been going out surfing every Thursday after school drop off. I have never surfed before and this is now my 5th week. Sadly I have only progressed to being on my feet for 3 seconds, but I'm getting there....slowly. There is nothing like the thrill of catching a wave and speeding down the front of it, even if it is mostly with me gripping the side of the board with slightly white knuckles. However my fellow 'surfing mamas' are doing amazingly and 'popping up' with great sprightliness. Well done girls!!

With our surf leader Rachel (who has wonderfully taken it upon herself to count us regularly to make sure that none of us novices have drowned, thanx rach!), we have been in the water wet suited up come rain or shine. Only 3 of us were out today, but here we are...... what vacuum packed beauties!

Today was the most amazing day, the sun was shining making the most gorgeous haze over the sea at Saunton. It was completely magical going out. I could not believe how warm it was in the water (after the initial shock of it nipping into my wetsuit of course), I never would have thought I would be in the water in NOVEMBER!!!! I think I have got the bug and I completely love it despite not being very good. I think it is testament that you are never too old to play in the sea!

To quote Mrs Percival 'to be out here really makes you feel alive'.