Our first Charity Ball

Last Monday we held the event we have all been waiting for...our first charity ball.
It was all to raise money for the Purple Teardrop Campaign which raises awareness of the fight against human trafficking.
Our book group has accidentally spent the year reading books which all seemed to carry this theme somewhere within them...so we decided to act on it. We gathered together all our mates and this is what happened.
Our wedding caterers did a fantastic job of creating a three-course canape supper
which included hand printed 'happy christmas' biscuits!

They worked really hard in our kitchen behind the scenes.
The ballroom looked amazing and all because of our Holly and 'You Tube' instructions on creating a balloon arch! What did one do before 'You Tube'?!
This is the girls setting it up. Each balloon cost £10 and there were 67 (out of 100) incredible prizes attached to each balloon to ensure almost everyone was happy! We also had a silent auction in a different room for the bigger prizes.
At the last minute the ferret man cancelled :( He said it was too cold for the ferrets to be outside..it was 11 degrees!!!! Instead we changed the plan to Bug Racing and provided 5 wind-up bugs!
Our friend Angela, who is not a florist, did an amazing job of creating flower arrangements all over the place.

We want to say a big thank you to all those who gave so generously and others who worked so hard to make this event happen. We sold all 150 tickets and raised a total of £4,000!

For very lovely and professional pictures by Pete Cox, please see our Facebook page.

Thank you x