Its Christmas!

We love Christmas here at Pickwell!
It is a really creative area here, so at various times through the year the village hall has a craft fair.
One of our recommended suppliers for weddings Juicy Lucy cup cakes  has extended her repertoire and started making 'cake pops'. What a wonderful wedding cake idea!
A good idea is to bulk buy Christmas cards, put them together in small packs, seal them in clear bags and sell them!
Our friend has recently taken up painting. Despite having 4 kids and being chair of the parent committee at school, she keeps producing these wonderful and colourful canvas creations.
The Sweatpea vintage co are two dynamic grandmothers with an amazing eye for all things vintage. Their blend of creativity and fun and eye for detail makes everything they make feel like a must-buy.
Another good idea is to rescue little chairs from the skip, paint them, make cushions for them and sell them!
Two of our Pickwellians, Zac and Liza made their own driftwood trees and put them up for sale. They sold four! The deal was that they could keep half the money and spend the other half on someone else.
Great idea no.4 buy tiles and some clothes pegs and decorate them beautifully to make unique coasters and pegs for hanging cards/shopping list on fridge/children's artwork..thanks to Pickwell Holly and Shelly for all the fab creative ideas.
We were so inspired by all this creativity that Tracey and I signed up for a soap and candle-making course! Here is the result of our special Pickwell lavender and oats hand-made creation..we are hoping to give each 2012 guest a little soap as a gift. Watch this space!
Our local garden centre (Trelawny) has gone to town on their decorations. Every nook and cranny held a new scene or theme to its wares.
We really enjoyed going round it and our eyes couldn't really take it all in. At various points there were 'photo opportunities' that they had set up.
The Wizard of Oz scene....
can you spot the legs hanging out the bottom of the house?!
I found an old book my Mum gave me about Victorian Christmas decorations, complete with a push-out kit to make your own. The Pickwell girls and I embarked upon it after school. It was great fun.
No Christmas is complete without a nativity.
This year our Millie-Grace was a beautiful angel
and Liza was Mary!

The Christingle service at our local church had us fully feeling the Christmas vibe.

Merry Christmas to you all, with love from Pickwell x