A Shed with a View

There are a lot of shed happenings here at Pickwell at the moment. We are going to be knocking down the 1960's conservatory-type-room at the end of the house. It is a bit of an eye-sore and I must admit that while it exists,
I will never get to have a costume drama filmed here and therefore I will never have a hope of meeting Hugh Grant.
We have, until now used this room as our games room. No longer. (well after January hopefully).
So this left us with the idea to put our games room in a bigger space which is a lovely big shed at the bottom of the Italian Garden, opposite the garages.
This shed has a gorgeous view. It also has roof lights so it is bright and by the time we've finished with it, it will be homely and chic too.
At the same time, we had the idea to add on a bit of a surfboard and wetsuit shack so holiday guests will have somewhere safe and dry to put their boards.
Our laundry room is also going down there, in front of the surf-board shack and will have the advantage of the brilliant view too. Up until now, this shed was the home to our beloved little tractor (and boxes of 'stuff' we hadn't sorted since the move over 3 years ago).
So, now we are faced with needing a new tractor shed..
tra laa! Even our tractor gets a lovely view of the woodland now! Why oh why do we keep developing our storage space?!
This is Martin, part of the Pickwell family, you may have met him before. He rents one of the garages to do his wood crafting and joinery. Martin built an extra rabbit hutch (we have since found out how we managed to get so many babies and can definately confirm we have put a stop to it) and an extra chicken sleeping pad (our 'Gingy' is being picked on so thought we'd give her a break).
Martin made these little areas from old bits of wood that he found lying around. He is embarrassed by what he built, but I love it! Plus the new hutch and Gingy's house get a great perspective all across the back garden.
This is Martin being silly.
So there we have it. The chickens, the tractor, the children playing - everyone at Pickwell gets a shed with a view x