The Chapel

It has been a long time coming, but we have finally finished renovating our 16th Century Chapel.
It was once the private Chapel for the owners of Pickwell Manor. It would be where they went to pray and to contemplate.
But it looked more like this when we found it, complete with graffiti going back to 1969.
First we put a concrete floor in and a ceiling/top floor. This is the downstairs..
and this is upstairs. One room up, one room down!
Then the tanking arrived which is acts as a sealed damp-proof membrane.
This again is the upstairs, now tanked.
We built a little baby extension on the side to house the boiler.
It is very sweet but tucked away.
The walls were then constructed on top of the tanking, this is the shell of the wet-room beginning.
and underfloor heating went in on the ground floor.
You can start to see the beginning of the wet-room area here on the left of the ground floor (under the stairs)
I asked my magic fairy for a white concrete (my favourite material) wash stand to house the sink in the teeny wet room, and, hey presto!
Thank you Steve our real-life Father Christmas!
Dubsy, our plasterer who always brings a smile.
He said to me 'whenever i come here you ask me to do the the strangest things, but somehow they seem to turn out looking quite good in the end'!
So, it is all finished, and it is now a bridal suite! The wet-room is just in the door to the left of the toaster.
The concrete stand in its rightful place.
the other half of the wet-room..complete with a shower for two..
Back into the main room now. We managed to source a camper-van sink and hob as it reminded me so much of being inside a camper.
The main door is absolutely gorgeous and made of oak to match the big door of the main house. The lights (Grace and Glory) hang over the table. (Thank you to Sarah Lambert who took the better-looking photos on this post!)
The stairs are hidden behind the cut-outs. Accessories by Grace and Glory
This is the upstairs. The top of the stairs is just visible on the left. We felt a full-length mirror was an essential for looking good on your wedding day!
The chest of drawers provide ample space for everything you might bring- even if you make a longer holiday out of your stay.
A small dressing table positioned by the window gives good light for making yourself look beautiful!
The wallpaper hidden behind the plaster depicts a romantic scene of two chickens laying an egg!
Thank you Deb Taylor at Home House Interiors for the fantastic headboard and footboard in a welsh blanket fabric. The design is St David's Cross and we love it!
the wonderful grey linen cushions tie everything together and make the bed complete.
Although it is small, it is very cosy and each space has been thought through to allow you to really make the most of this special and intimate time together.
The history around you also brings a depth to your experience in a way that only buildings as old as this can.
More photos will be available to see on our new website *coming soon*.

We really look forward to welcoming you to The Chapel x