Heddon's Mouth- walking with friends

Heddon's Mouth is situated just inside the Exmoor National Park, just 30 minutes drive from Pickwell. It provides the most fantastic walk with friends or family. The Saturday before last was a superb winters day, crisp and bright. We had planned a walk as a family but as it was such a lovely day texted out to the gang to see if anyone would like to join us. To our delight a number of people were up for it, so around 30 of us set out from 'The Hunters Inn'.

One thing I love about winter walks is the array of arctic hats sported by the more adventurous fashionistas among us.

The tyre Matt found on the beach really finished off his look.

We set off....

With only a miles walk to the beach....

even the little ones amongst us made it, if a little slowly.

The walk follows the beautiful river along the Heddon valley.

For older children you can pick up a back pack from the National Trust shop with all sorts of nature challenges in it. They learn to work out how fast the river is flowing, learn about local history and look for deer tracks. All brilliant fun.
If the shop is shut they can always collect sticks for the beach fire. Well done boys!

Along the river there are some lovely waterfalls and bridges.

Then the valley suddenly opens out with dramatic steep sides, where you can all marvel at how the sheep trot along the slopes without rolling down, all legs and fluff!

The river flows out over the beach. In the summer this is a great place to picnic and paddle.

The old lime kiln provides shelter on a rainy day.

There is nothing better than a hot chocolate to warm the cockles and refuel everyone for lots of beach adventures.

The boys wade through the river to the other side of the beach and return with drift wood treasures....Sus will be pleased.

The men then set to work lighting the fire. Now I am looking back at the photos this is a little stereotypical, next time I must muscle in on the fire building, grrr.

Unfortunately it went out and fire builder extraordinaire Steve, from his years of Sussex bonfire night training came forward to save the day (with a little help from Nigel too!).

Hurray, alight at last....if only someone had remembered the marshmallows.

It is great fun picking your way across the stones from one side of the now very shallow river to the other.

Anyone got any spare trousers? Millie- grace's wellies weren't quite tall enough.

The bigger rocks on the left hand side of the beach are an excellent climb.

I'm the king of the castle....

The boys pick up their beach treasures ready to head home...I think Paul is a bit jealous, whilst Michael in the background is struggling to see his.

Millie-Grace refuels Liza with a Smartie top up for the walk home, yum!

A perfect walk has a welcoming pub at the end. Thank you 'The Hunters Inn' with your delicious beer brewed on site, log fire, welcoming atmosphere, noisy peacocks, and comfy sofa. A great day was had by all.