Easter and a new start

Things are looking a little different around here!
Remember this is how the west wing of the house looked? The window on the right was our office
and the window on the far left was a tiny anti-room of the office which was used to house lots of our stuff we hadn't quite managed to unpack from the move 4 years ago!
When we first moved we had to set up an office quickly, so we literally set up chairs and tables and started to work. No thought went into decor or practicalities, no time for that! This is how it looked as we were packing up.
Then Winter came, and so did the builders.
We started to knock through to make a door opening
Lucky there were no guests in as it was a bit chilly for a while.
After the door hole was made we concentrated on our lovely 60's conservatory.
It was built when Pickwell Manor was a hotel and they wanted to expand their dining space. We have always used it as a games room for guests.
It took a big digger and lots of mess to get this baby down. Now it feels like it was never there!
We are absolutely loving our new look west wing!
Our Baker lounge and spare room and Jubilee lounge above, now has wonderful light pouring in the windows!
Our new office (which was our original entrance hall with a terracota quarry tile floor) has such luscious white walls I am sure it helps us to think a lot more clearly?
My only real sadness is that our stationary supplier doesn't do folders in grey...
We have all new paths, new stone edging, a lavender-lined walk way and a gorgeous bespoke oak front door.
I just love the fishing lights (here and in the entrance hall) and the post box (both from 'Grace and Glory' in Barnstaple).
Millie-Grace (aged nearly 6!) wrote a beautiful sign for me to welcome our Easter guests,
and Liza (6), Molly (8) and Millie-Grace helped decorate these pebbles to sit by the front door too. Zac (9) appears to be completely uninterested in ANYTHING the girls are doing at the moment, thus no contribution from him!
The 'office anti-room' is now this lovely boots/coats/practical space.
Is this how you spell welly's?! A few people have laughed at me for this. Anyway, this area is basically for guest use - leaving dirty boots and shoes, and storing beach equipment, if they don't want to take it all up to the apartment. We also have things people can borrow and these too will be left in the cupboards.
The anti-room then leads into the entrance lounge.
and here you have it! Inspired by the beach and all the colours you find there, from the neutral grey tones of the rocks, to the frothy white water through to the odd bit of bold green coloured string.
We are blessed with the natural features our house has given us, from the stone mullion windows and here in this case,
the gorgeous inglenook fire-place.
A gift for any designer.
I love these little bird door knobs. They are fair trade (v important) and sold through Grace and Glory again. The old sideboard was found in a shed in the garden with chain saws in it. A crime.
These lamp-posts continue the beach theme down the new paths and into our extended car-park. (The games room has been laid to rest under the car-park extension). We tested the lights last night and they light the area perfectly - phew!
The eggs hanging on our Easter tree are from our friends at Sandleigh. I heard their chicken was laying gorgeous sage coloured eggs and Sarah v kindly let me have some!
It is really important to us that our house brings rest to all those who come.
I bought this lovely piece of art in Georgeham village. There was an auction to raise money for Paul's Place, a local B&B which can also provide respite for young people with a terminal condition and their carers.
It was a friend of Paul's who painted this picture and i think it perfectly encapsulates holidays and rest and rolling hills and sea. oh, that reminds me of somewhere...

I need to thank the wonderful team that made this happen. Our builders - Steve (my magic fairy), Joel and Simon. Our plumber - Mike, the painters - Adam and Dave. Our plasterer 'gift of the gab' Dubsy and our electrician Andy. Thank you for working really hard and against the clock as usual..you've done an amazing job x