My New Favourite Walk

A few weeks ago Susie and I had a girls weekend at Pickwell. As a treat we went for the most wonderful coastal walk which Susie found on the internet. This walk was heralded in the Guardian as one of the UK's top 10 walks . I know I live here and so therefore am a bit biased but it really is the most beautiful, spectacular, dramatic, magical walk. So much so, I have now done it 3 times in the last month with any set of friends who I can persuade to go with me.
The walk starts from the heritage centre car park in Mortehoe. You can either join the coastal path next to the picturesque old church or head through the village towards the lighthouse. This particular weekend we set out on the latter with 2 local families and I took some pictures to share with you.
Following the signs to Bennett's Mouth you wind alongside the river in a magical wood.
I can't wait for it to be warm enough to take a picnic and sit in the sunny glade whilst the kids play in the stream and climb trees. Further along the stream tumbles out onto the little beach of Bennett's Mouth where you will find rock pools and spectacular crashing waves. We didn't pause for long (although as usual long enough for Millie- grace to slip in a Rock pool, rendering her pair of socks very soggy).
The next accessible cove is Rockham. You will love this beach.
I am terrible with heights so have to brace myself for the steep steps down to the beach (despite appearance it is quite safe for little ones!) but it's well worth the journey down.
Even if it is March and the water a little bit cold, the children still love playing 'dare' with the waves. This always ends with the waves winning and the inevitable demise of yet another pair of socks......
Not to mention trousers and jumper too!!! We then had to warm up the participants with hot apple juice and cookies.
The beach is covered in flat round stones of all different sizes. The children spent ages playing 'make believe cafes' with stone plates and little stone pancakes (too lovely!!) whilst we sat and chatted in the sunshine.
The dad's got out the rugby ball, not quite Trev's thing (on the left).......can you tell?
Everyone had such a lovely time playing and relaxing before the climb back up the steps to the next breathtaking view.
Millie-grace pretended to be a dog going through the mini gates on each style (I think they are for dogs anyway?!?)
So many beautiful views as you walk past Ball Point lighthouse, then on to Morte Point.
Morte Point has an amazing Stegosaurus like Rock formation stretching its tail down into the sea. You have to stand at the end and look back to really see it. I had taken a film from the end of Morte Point but somehow managed to film the whole thing upside down.... so you have got a photo instead.
This is the view back across to Putsborough, Baggy Point and Pickwell as you turn in land and back to Mortehoe for a cheeky pint with some salt and vinegar crisps at the pub. This walk is a true feast for the eyes and delight for the soul.