The Snug

At the end of our Ballroom there is a beautiful room which is about a third of the size of our Ballroom. It has the same oak floor, distinctive wood panelling and stone mullion windows. We call it The Snug.
We use this room for so many different things throughout the year (this is when we used it for our annual bonfire night).
In the Spring and Autumn it is used for a chill-out bar space for weddings, in the Winter we light the fire and use it for our wedding planning meetings and the not-for-profit conferences,
and the Summer sees it transformed into a gorgeous and romantic studio apartment for 2! It is very popular because it is very private, the fire can be lit in the evenings, it has its own private access to the drive outside
and has a lovely view out to the Italian garden and Terrace.
It has even been used for a couple of photo-shoots - this one was just this week - to help a friend start her business.
We have already done an awful lot to this room. We knocked down a dark corridor that led into the space, we removed the incense drenched swirly carpet, repainted the walls in lovely neutral colours (elephants breath F&B for those who are interested!)
and put a kitchen in. We have used it in that form successfully for 4 years now, but we decided to make it even more snug-like for 2012!
We have built in some wonderful book cases to house all our old books. Some were already here and lots we have picked up along the way.
Charity shops don't appear to be wanting old books clogging up their shelves as apparently they don't sell...all the better for us then!
We have also put some wood panelling on the walls and filled them with gorgeous wallpaper from Louise Body.
This is just before the new plugs went in!
The Snug is south facing so gets lots of sunlight flooding through the window.
I think you'll agree that our Snug is definitely very cosy now. Come and stay in the Summer and find out for yourself! x