Rob and Natalie's September Wedding

There is something very wonderful about the coming together of two families in the preparation of the house for a wedding weekend. Natalie and Rob's families arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed on Friday ready for action. They turned out to be a wedding set up 'crack team'!  There was an amazing feeling of comradery and good will as plans became reality. 

Here is Natalie with her lovely mum, Corine, who set to work with great vigour.

Here are the next two very important set up team members. Natalie's uncle Martin and his partner Jeremy. Having owned a restaurant and venue, they were well seasoned in the art of 'set up' and had an amazing eye for detail.

Everyone helped ticking off the list. Here is Rob's dad, Neil, putting together food boxes for the apartments. Tick!

Whilst Rob's mum, Daphne, and his sister Rachel, put up photos of their nearest and dearest.

And oh what a list it was....

 it was organisation perfection. Here they are on team list review, so impressive!

Whilst this was all going on, Rob and the dads set about putting LED netting lights on the ceiling. It truly was an extraordinary feat of engineering and literally took hours. They were really pleased with the effect but are NOT recommending it to any future couples. It comes with a health warning....

that you may never be able to use your arms again! Here is Rob having a well earned cup of tea, but barely able to lift his arms after 5 hours of holding them above his head pinning the lights.

The house was transformed.

A feast for the eyes.

Filled with love.

It all looked gorgeous and welcoming. 

Although the weekend started with a little bit of rain, the guests really enjoyed a Friday night of Fish and Chips from

The Whiddon Wagon

 Fish and Chip van. Here are Heather and James serving with a smile.

The atmosphere in the Snug, was wonderful and true to its name 'snuggly'.

Saturday morning the flowers arrived from Kelly at

Offshore Blooms


The heart arrangement above the Rose Arbor was truly spectacular.

Pampering and preening began. Natalie chose to get ready in Constance with its light and bright backdrop.

Rob and Natalie received the most amazing gift from Rob's sister, Rachel. One thousand hand folded origami cranes. They are a Japanese traditional gift (where she had lived for a while), wishing the happy couple prosperity and good luck through out their married life. 

What an AMAZING gift, showing such love. Apparently they took 100 hours to make, as she said in her card, she is now suffering from repetitive 'crane injury'.....hehehe! 

The boys tried to get to grips with 'uniform' tie tying. Chris, the Best Man, impressed all with his Half Windsor.

Just time for a bit of last minute titivation from Jeremy.

Ceremony all set up, we were ready for the off.

Natalie's dress looked amazing, just the veil to go.

Lovely Bridesmaids, Harriet and Naomi, as they saw the beautiful bride for the first time in her dress.

Here they are making their way out of the West Wing entrance...

and along the drive in super sunshine.

The ceremony was wonderfully personal and special. After the official registrar finished, she handed over to Jeremy (who is also a celebrant) to take the second half of the ceremony. During this they exchanged rings, personal vows and......

did a rather lovely candle ceremony. The joining of the light of two families.

Pimms on the terrace and canapes followed.

Accompanied by the wonderful voices of the

Andrew Vaughan Barber shop Quartet


A group photo with one of Pickwell's favourite photographers, Rebecca Roundhill, then into dinner.

I loved the way they did their place names, with polaroid style photos of each guest on the back of their chair. 

An extraordinary afternoon tea was on the menu. In the forefront of the photo are 'Gypsy Tarts' a speciality, requested by Natalie, from where she grew up in Kent.

Natalie's dad, Ben, did a very touching speech which encompassed a film of photos and footage from her childhood.

Chris, the Best Man, followed fabulous speeches from both the Mum's.

After dinner Rebecca and myself walked Natalie and Rob down to our viewing spot at the end of the wood to catch the sunset. It was such a still and beautiful evening.

Stunning and very romantic.

Twilight croquet.

This is the coolest band set up I have ever seen at Pickwell. It is difficult to see but the light at the back was coming from a standard lamp and the speakers were in old vintage suitcases.

Lucas, Master of ceremonies extraordinaire, announced cutting of the cake using the gong and his shoe!!!

The cake was 'hundreds and thousands' tastic.

Then the grooving began, 1950's style, brilliant!! Everyone danced their socks off.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Beasley, I have loved journeying with you towards what has been a truly wonderful weekend. You are a very special couple with very gorgeous family and friends. We wish you so much happiness in your journey through life together.