Full Steam Ahead!

North Devon has some wonderful pockets of history, and we have to say The Woody Bay Train is one of our favourite examples!

Woody Bay Train Station is located about 30 minutes by car from Pickwell Manor, on the way to Lynton and Lynmouth coastal villages. It was originally opened in 1898 and closed in 1935. Unusually the track was sold to whoever owned the adjoining plots of land; so the trust have spent the last 22 years slowly buying back some of those plots!

When you arrive the car park is free and right next to the track. There are toilets, a souvenir shop and vintage style tea room. 

Once you have your tickets and you step onto the platform you are immediately transported into the early 1900's! Like this fantastic old chocolate machine there is plenty of insights into the life of yesteryear. For those who enjoy reading there are information boards and you are given a great potted history booklet with your tickets. 

The train runs most days from Easter through to October, from 10am - 4pm. The train journey takes around 30 minutes with a 10 minute stop at the end of the current line where you can watch them move the engine from one end of the train to the other. 
We made the most of a rainy day and enjoyed 2 rides (you can ride as much as you like on the day of your ticket). We had great fun despite the mist and can imagine the views are stunning with a little sunshine!

The team of volunteers who run the train, shop and tea rooms are welcoming and engaging. They are great talking to children, letting visitors into the engine, explaining the link up of the carriages and answering all the questions you can think of! (Even though they have been up from 5am to get the train going!) 

On to my favourite bit... The tea room!
This little time warp is set in the back of the ticket office and shop. There are 2 small sitting rooms and in the warmer months they also open a marquee outside. 
It is full of wonderful vintage and original items including this clock which is stopped at the time of the last departing train in 1935 when the station was closed.

The tea rooms offer a lovely little selection to keep energies up and their homemade "posh cakes" are well worth a nibble! Along with the train ticket prices of £7.50 per adult, £3.00 for children over 5 or £18.00 for a family (3 children and 2 adults), this lunch menu helps make it a brilliant day out with enough pennies left to buy a few post cards for the relatives!

To find out more details about the train, station, fares and timetable take a look at http://www.lynton-rail.co.uk/page/visitor-information

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