Quince Honey Farm - South Molton

The Honey Farm is located about a 30 minute drive from Pickwell towards Tiverton and situated just outside the town centre of South Molton, which is full of lovely independent shops and cafe's. (So easy to make a whole day of it!). 

Apart from the honey tasting temptation the first part of the Honey Farm is 'Bee World'. This is the largest honey exhibition in the world and is spread over 8 rooms with interactive activities, buttons, video's and views of the honey making process!

Through the exhibits you can see bee's up close working in their hives...

They also have lots of viewing windows to watch the staff as they process the honey...

Once you have finished looking at the bee's you come back down stairs to the cafe's and play area. There is a big soft play area within one side of the cafe that has a small babies section and then plenty of space for young and older children to play along side each other.

Within the cafe and play area is a display of snakes and mini beast. There is lots of information, steps for children to see into the tanks and regular "meet and greet" sessions where you can have a turn holding the Giant Stick Insects, African Snails and very large Cockroaches!!

The cafe is split into 2 parts, one within the soft play area and another in a quieter room next to the outdoor play area. The menu is basic but plenty of choice for different tastes! (See the gallery at the bottom for menu)

Finally to get out you have to walk through their little shop full of all things bee themed, wax products and of course honey from their wonderful worker bee's! 

A round up of facilities:
There is free parking on site,
Toilets (they are outside the main building and very basic!),
Cafe's - one within the play area and one a little quieter next door,
A large indoor soft play and an outdoor play park,
Bee museum and timed activity sessions,
Gift shop and local honey to taste and buy!

Accessibility: Buggies can go through to the soft play area but there is no lift to the museum bit up stairs. 

Top Tips: Use the toilets before you come in! If you have a baby make sure you take your own baby changing mat and baby food. Best to go in the morning and plan around the interactive sessions.